We have lost many Central Ohioans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result our world has drastically changed. To memorialize those who have passed we are seeking submissions for our memorial wall.. Please share information about your loved one in the form below. It is being used to collection information about those that have passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic, including those that did not have COVID-19. Given the upheaval and restrictions many of us have faced since 2020, grieving and funerals have been greatly impacted. This is an effort to gather information to eventually create a virtually (and hopefully eventually an in-person memorial) that is about specific people. Please share below information about your loved one who had a connection to the Central Ohio region. Scroll under the form to see a sample of what a profile on a memorial page might look like.

Here is a sample of what a profile of a loved one might look like: